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Burgan Real Estate, the Official Real Estate
Partner of Youngstown State University Athletics, today announced a special promotion for YSU
students where they want to underwrite a lucky student's tuition for a year. The locally,
independently owned real estate company is going to offer students, in attendance. at select
YSU men's and women's home basketball games the opportunity to make a 94-foot putt for a
$10,000 cash prize. In cooperation with YSU Athletics, the Burgan Real Estate "Putt for Tuition
Sweepstakes" will take place during a break at eight select YSU men's and women's home
basketball games this season.

"Our partnership with YSU, both in the classroom and on the court, has made great strides in
enriching the lives of students at YSU," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner of Burgan Real Estate.
"We have done promotions in the past, but this time we wanted to make it special for the
students supporting the Penguins and sitting in the all-new Burgan Real Estate Student Section
in Beeghly Center. This promotion will continue to show how our partnership with YSU Athletics
is better together."

Students, in good standing and actively enrolled in YSU during the semester, will have the
opportunity to enter the contest upon entering the game on selected dates. At tip-off, Burgan
Real Estate and YSU Athletics will randomly select one name from the list of entries. This
student will have an opportunity to putt a golf ball on the basketball court into a hole cut out of
board 94 feet from the putting line. If he/she successfully does this, they will win $10,000.

Games where the Burgan Real Estate "Putt for Tuition Sweepstakes" will take place are:
December 2, 2021 vs. Milwaukee (7:00 PM) (Women's Basketball Game)
December 8, 2021 vs. Central Michigan (7:00 PM) (Men's Basketball Game)
January 13, 2022 vs. Northern Kentucky (7:00 PM) (Men's Basketball Game)
January 14, 2022 vs. University of Illinois - Chicago (7:00 PM) (Women's Basketball Game)
January 27, 2022 vs. Green Bay (7:00 PM) (Men's Basketball Game)
January 28, 2022 vs. Detroit Mercy (7:00 PM) (Women's Basketball Game)

February 17, 2022 vs. University of Illinois - Chicago (7:00 PM) (Men's Basketball Game)
February 18, 2022 vs. Northern Kentucky (7:00 PM) (Women's Basketball Game)

"Burgan Real Estate has always delivered as a partner of YSU Athletics, embracing the title of
being the Official Real Estate Partner of the Penguins and bringing innovative ways to engage
fans at our events," stated Ron Strollo, YSU's Executive Director of Athletics. "We thank
Patrick, Sue and the entire Burgan Bunch for their continued support of YSU's student-athletes
and commitment to our great community."

This isn't the first promotion Burgan Real Estate has done with their YSU partnership. In 2018,
the 44-year-old real estate agency conducted the Mortgage Mania Challenge where one fan
successfully hit a half-court shot to win $12,000 towards their mortgage.

In addition to the promotional contest at the games, fans in attendance will see the students
sitting in a special section. The YSU student section has been renamed the, "Burgan Real
Estate Student Section." The section will provide students a designated area to support the
men's and women's basketball teams during their home games at the Beeghly Center.
"There is no place like home, both at Beeghly Center and in living in the Mahoning Valley. To
be able to provide a home section for students to gather and collectively cheer on the Penguins
is a great way to create the ultimate home court advantage for both the YSU men's and
women's teams this season," said Burgan.


I get it! Technology is great and the internet, along with eCommerce sites like Amazon, has brought the world together in a global marketplace. Trust me, with the holidays approaching, I feel like I might as well offer the Amazon, USPS, UPS or FedEx drivers a room in our home they are here so often. But not everything translates well to an online sales environment. Some things, you just have to see for yourself. They have to feel like they are yours and when it comes to highly involved purchase decisions, like, oh…say….BUYING A HOME, there is no online experience that can replace what a REALTOR® offers you in person. Think I'm wrong?

Zillow, arguably, one of the world's largest digital real estate companies, announced earlier this month that they are closing their doors to their home buying division. The company that showcases homes and allows you to compare, contrast and even contact agents to set up appointments, tried to convert to an actual brokerage and, in 3-years, called the movers and packed up.

You have gotten to know me well enough to know that I am not an, "I told you so," type of person. OK, who am I kidding? I told you so!

The company, in a press release on November 2nd , cited significant reduction in earnings in the 3rd quarter, despite home prices being the highest they have ever been and interest rates being as low as they have ever been, causing homes to continue to sell in record time. So, how is this possible?

According to Zillow's CEO, Rich Barton, the release stated that the closer of their home buying division, Offers, and the layoff of 25% of their staff was because, "The unpredictability in forecasting home prices far exceeds what we anticipated."

Last year in an article, I addressed how the in-person experience of using a REALTOR® to buy or sell your home is still the best way to ensure your purchase is perfect for you. While technology improves our lives in a great variety of ways, there is no replacement for human interaction in any transactions. Orders still need to be processed and packaged by someone. Your gifts for the holidays need to be delivered by someone. And, when it comes to real estate, a REALTOR® is still the best way to find your home sweet home.

Your REALTOR®, thanks to the help of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of REALTORS®, not only predicted the market movement, but has been able to meet the demand for buyers and sellers. Their local knowledge and connections more useful and beneficial than any connection to a server or processor. While their knowledge and expertise far outweigh the computing power and connectivity of an online option, the best reason they will always be the best option for buying or selling your home is because of the emotional component that you get to share when you successfully complete your transaction. You can't smile with a confirmation screen, you can't hug an email and you can't celebrate with a device.

This is more than a transaction; it is a large decision that impacts everyone in your life. Trusting it to an algorithm, an online form or someone sitting behind a screen in Phoenix to tell you what your home in Warren, Youngstown, Canfield or Columbiana is worth just doesn't seem like the most personal way your biggest purchase should be handled.

But like I always say, I'm biased. However, as a proud member and President of YCAR, representing REALTORS® across the Mahoning Valley, I'd like to say to each and every one of the real estate agents who proudly serve our area, "THANK YOU!" Technology will evolve and make our lives more convenient but it will never replace, replicate or reconfigure the most important part to any real estate transaction….YOU!


Everything is bigger in Texas.  Bigger hats. Bigger
horses. Bigger trucks. And when it comes to dreams, those are bigger too. For Russell Themar,
the dreams he had when he moved to Springfield as a 13-year-old was bigger than most. After
moving here with his family, his dreams of one day having a successful career with a company
in the Mahoning Valley that dreamed big too finally became a reality. Today, Burgan Real
Estate announced that at just 19 years of age, Russell Themar has become the latest addition to
their team as newest Realtor® in their Burgan Bunch.

"In real estate, it is important to have a good mix of veteran agents and new Realtors® who
bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the team," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and
broker of Burgan Real Estate.  "The addition of Russell to our team not only adds a driven
individual, but it brings a perspective of the Gen-Z demographic to help us adjust our business
and philosophies towards younger target audiences who are new to the market."

A graduate of Springfield High School, Themar is ready for his big dreams to turn into big results
at Burgan Real Estate. His decision to join Burgan Real Estate was not done hastily though. As
an avid chess player, Russell prides himself on thinking several moves ahead, carefully taking his
next step to ultimately achieve the results he craves. With Burgan, Russell believes he found a
team that will help make that happen.

"When I moved to the Mahoning Valley with my mother and sister, we were looking for
something better," said Themar. "Now that I am starting my career in real estate with a
company like Burgan, I no longer have to search for it because I truly found it with Patrick, Sue
and the entire Burgan Bunch."

Welcome to the Burgan family, Russell! We are excited to have you a part of our Burgan Bunch
and looking forward to BIG things from you.


While all of you were enjoying the tricks of the Halloween season, I was counting the treats I
received from all of you in the form of emails asking me questions about selling your home.
Let's get to your questions!

"I just bought my home in January and interest rates have dropped since I financed it. Can I
refinance my home even though it hasn't been a year since I bought it?" - Sarah (Salem, OH)

Happy one year anniversary, Sarah, well, almost! We get this question quite a bit, especially
with interest rates STILL at an all time low. In your case, Sarah, yes, you can refinance. In order
to refinance, you must have at least a 6-month period in between financing applications and
transactions. So get with your local lender or, in your case, call the title company you closed
with a year ago, since they may able to offer a reissue rate and you can save on your closing
costs. It will help put more money in your pocket, especially with the holidays coming up.

Ok, next!

"Is it ok to double dip a chip when at a holiday party?" - Steve (Hubbard, OH)

No. Never. I award you no points, Steve, and I hope we aren't at the same dipping bowl at a
party together. You're better than that, Steve!

Last question if the week. Who's up?

"I'm one of those people that puts Christmas decorations up in November. Does putting holiday
decorations up early, or at all, hurt my chances of selling my home?" - Debbie (Boardman, OH)

You're one of "those people," huh, Debbie? So am I! I love the holiday season and I love
decorating my home for Christmas. You'd think home sales would slow in the 4th quarter with
the holidays, but they don't! And decorations actually help create a vision and experience for
people who come through the house to make it feel even more special. However, don't go
overboard! They're looking to buy your home, not hire some elves and turn it into a workshop for

Only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving, and just a handful more than that until my tenure as
your President is up. Time for me to finish with a bang. Tune in two weeks from to see how we'll
end the year together!


Flipping houses is an art form in and of itself. To be able to see the potential in a home and have the wherewithal to transform houses into a home for
someone else is a great way to help make the lives of everyone, well, better. For Debbie
Skaggs, she has been working with real estate agents as a trusted partner to flip houses for
others to enjoy. After her work has been driving sales in the area, she decided to not just flip a
house, but sell them too so she found her own home to flip her career as the newest member of
Burgan Real Estate.

"Being able to see the potential in a home for sellers and buyers is a special trait," said Patrick
Burgan, co-owner and broker of Burgan Real Estate. "Debbie has been a trusted partner of our
REALTORS® in seeing, fixing, and selling homes that need some TLC. Her special ability to
see the potential in a home for buyers and sellers is what makes her unique and a great
addition to our Burgan Bunch."

A native of New Springfield, Skaggs is a graduate of New Springfield High School. She went to
Kent State University and started her career in the medical field as a nurse's aide and as a
dietary manager. She began to flip houses, working with real estate agents, as a hobby, but it
has now turned into more. While her new career with Burgan Real Estate is exciting, her career
as a mother and grandmother is second to none. Along with her 4 children and 6 grandchildren,
Skaggs also has four dogs she cares for and is recently engaged. Her dedication to her family
is a great trait that will serve her and our clients with her being the newest REALTOR® added to
the Burgan Bunch roster.

When she is not working with flipping homes and taking care of her family and dogs, she is an
active crafter, specifically crocheting and painting. She is also an amateur pool player who has
competed in State and National tournaments. Debbie is a member of several organizations
including APA, VNEA and a member of the American Legion.

"I take pride in everything I do because it reflects not only me, but my family as well. I always
put 110% into every task I'm handed, trying to better than I was yesterday," said Skaggs. "To
have found a company, like Burgan Real Estate, who embraces this thought of being better
every day, is a place where I can become a great REALTOR® and do what I love to the best of
my ability."

Welcome to the Burgan family, Debbie! We are excited to have you a part of our Burgan Bunch
and look forward to the impact you will have in our community and for our clients.

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