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Flipping houses is an art form in and of itself. To be able to see the potential in a home and have the wherewithal to transform houses into a home for
someone else is a great way to help make the lives of everyone, well, better. For Debbie
Skaggs, she has been working with real estate agents as a trusted partner to flip houses for
others to enjoy. After her work has been driving sales in the area, she decided to not just flip a
house, but sell them too so she found her own home to flip her career as the newest member of
Burgan Real Estate.

"Being able to see the potential in a home for sellers and buyers is a special trait," said Patrick
Burgan, co-owner and broker of Burgan Real Estate. "Debbie has been a trusted partner of our
REALTORS® in seeing, fixing, and selling homes that need some TLC. Her special ability to
see the potential in a home for buyers and sellers is what makes her unique and a great
addition to our Burgan Bunch."

A native of New Springfield, Skaggs is a graduate of New Springfield High School. She went to
Kent State University and started her career in the medical field as a nurse's aide and as a
dietary manager. She began to flip houses, working with real estate agents, as a hobby, but it
has now turned into more. While her new career with Burgan Real Estate is exciting, her career
as a mother and grandmother is second to none. Along with her 4 children and 6 grandchildren,
Skaggs also has four dogs she cares for and is recently engaged. Her dedication to her family
is a great trait that will serve her and our clients with her being the newest REALTOR® added to
the Burgan Bunch roster.

When she is not working with flipping homes and taking care of her family and dogs, she is an
active crafter, specifically crocheting and painting. She is also an amateur pool player who has
competed in State and National tournaments. Debbie is a member of several organizations
including APA, VNEA and a member of the American Legion.

"I take pride in everything I do because it reflects not only me, but my family as well. I always
put 110% into every task I'm handed, trying to better than I was yesterday," said Skaggs. "To
have found a company, like Burgan Real Estate, who embraces this thought of being better
every day, is a place where I can become a great REALTOR® and do what I love to the best of
my ability."

Welcome to the Burgan family, Debbie! We are excited to have you a part of our Burgan Bunch
and look forward to the impact you will have in our community and for our clients.

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