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The Ohio REALTORS (OR) awarded 17 Burgan Real Estate agents with the distinguished President's Sales Club Award for 2018, the most of any real estate company in the Mahoning Valley.  This award is presented to individual Ohio real estate agents who successfully generated at least $1 million in annual home sales for the year.  For the third year in a row, Burgan Real Estate had one of the highest percentages of active agents recognized by OR and, for the first time ever, led all real estate companies in having the most agents receive this award.   

"In a year where Burgan Real Estate has produced the best month and quarter in over 40 years of being the most trusted local real estate experts in the Mahoning Valley, we know that none of it is possible without the work of our Burgan Bunch, especially the 17 individuals who were named to this year's President's Sales Club," said Sue Filipovich, co-owner of Burgan Real Estate.  "This honor recognizes their expertise and dedication towards making a positive impact in the lives of the people they serve.  For our company to have the most agents receiving this award is yet another affimration that the Better with Burgan culture and strategies we have implemented over the past 12 months is successfully empowering agents to grow their careers, achieve their goals with us and grow our company into one of the top performing brokerages in the Mahoning Valley."

This year's Burgan Real Estate President's Sales Club agents are:

Award of Excellence (at least $5 million in sales)

Tibitha Matheney ($5,394,106)

Award of Distinction (at least $2.5 million in sales)

Karen Ament ($3,495,425)

James Marzo ($2,332,527)

Valarie Park ($2,556,400)

Award of Achievement (at least $1.0 Million in sales)

Kathy Battisti ($1,963,491)

Joan Zarlenga ($1,947,300)

John Burgan ($1,707,665)

Steve Rogers ($1,666,500)

Dacia Allen ($1,623,850)

Traci Hardy ($1,488,776)

Julie Mills ($1,317,175)

Liz Salcedo ($1,234,800)

Amanda Hamilton ($1,181,355)

Kathy Szmaj ($1,180,450)

Mandie Dillon ($1,075,900)

Leon Turek ($1,057,200)

Rachel Thomas ($1,015,427)

Rachel Thomas was also recognized as a "Rookie Recipient," as she successfully achieved this honor within two years of receiving her REALTORS license.

In 2018, Burgan Real Estate has seen the largest increase in brand growth over the last 12 months than any real estate company in the Mahoning Valley, at just over 95%.  As one of the only companies in the state of Ohio who are members of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the success has been fueled by their commitment to their three pillars of success, focusing on their Better with Burgan Culture, development of their Burgan Bunch agents and commitment to financial growth of the company and their team members.  This approach has not only led them to experience the best month (June) and quarter (2ndQuarter) of volume in the company's 41 year history, but, according to data collected from YES-MLS date through September 30, 2018 for Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties, Burgan Real Estate has the lowest average days of houses listed on the market (62) and yields the highest percentage of list price to sale price of any real estate company in the Mahoning Valley (95.52%).  Average for both are 89 days and 94%, respectively.

For James Marzo, who joined Burgan Real Estate in January of 2017, this marks the first year he has achieved the Award of Distinction.  Since joining Burgan Real Estate and leveraging their real estate solutions, he has seen a 196% increase in volume and 231% increase in units sold compared to his previous real estate brokerage.  "When I joined Burgan Real Estate, I knew it would offer me something better, but I couldn't have dreamed of what I have been able to achieve in just a year of being with the company.  I am so humbled to be a member of the President's Sales Club as a winner of the Award of Distinction for 2018," said Marzo.  "The support of my families, both at home and at Burgan, has propelled me to better for my clients, for Burgan and, most importanlty, for me.  I am so proud to be a part of Burgan Real Estate and know that things are only going to get better."

OR awarded this distinction to 78 individual agents in the Youngstown Columbiana Association of REALTORS.  Agents were recognized at the Ohio REALTORS Annual Convention and Expo on September 16-18 in Columbus, Ohio.


Sweetest Day.  It's a "Hallmark Holiday," right?  And don't think that it is a coincidence that it falls during the same week as Boss's Day, which, according to Patrick and Sue, is a legitimate holiday where banks and offices should be closed.  Well, as much as they can hope for that, we know that whether they are "Hallmark Holidays" or not, these days matter and so do the employees you lead.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in our jobs that we forget to thank the ones who truly matter most…out employees!  They are the ones who do the work to make your business thrive and ones who you trust with not only our livelihood, but those of your valued clients.  So it makes sense on Sweetest (Employee) Day, that you take the time to thank those in your company who help continue to move the company forward.  Here are some ideas on how to say, "Thank you," to the sweetest people in your company this weekend for Sweetest Day.


Even though the day may be "technically" be about the sweetheart in your life, be sure to also make it about your employees. It's important to be appreciative of the work and thanks that help make your business run smoothly, so this is a perfect opportunity to return the favor.

Make the day about accomplishments the team has made to make it a record setting year, like the one we are having at Burgan.  Letting them know they are valuable and integral in the success can do wonders for their motivation, while also helping with retention when things are going so well.  

Talk about the things that are going well and highlight how you can do better to help them succeed.  At Burgan, we always operate with transparency, honesty and humility, and on a day when it is all about the team, these are especially key.  Also, have you ever thought about sharing times when you were wrong or admit things you need to improve upon to help them?  84% of employees think it's important their supervisors admit to their mistakes, according to a study by Dale Carnegie Institute.  So be sure to spread the love around the office, especially if it involves tough love on you!


You shouldn't take life too serious because no one ever gets out alive….so have fun!  No one ever says they had too much fun. So plan a day out or away from the office to celebrate the people who make your business so sweet.  For Burgan, we do mixers and parties to thank those who matter most to us, so whether it is the Mystery Bus Ride in August, or our annual awards banquet for agents and their significant others, we know they work hard so we also need to play equally as strong.  

If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, just get food.  Sharing a meal with your team can be the perfect way to spend time with them and get to know them. Sharing a meal together also unites and breaks down the walls between employees.  It is an easy ice breaker and great way to start a conversation with one another.

Donations Instead Of Gifts

While many people want to buy things for their employees on Sweetest Day, a great way to show your commitment and awareness to them is to contribute to their favorite cause or charity.  This not only shows you are appreciative of them but that you know them personally.  You're not just, "the boss," you are "THE BOSS!"  Donations also have benefits for your business too. Not only do they increase the company's presence in the community, it's a tax write off for your business.

Sweetest Day is the perfect day to share it with the one you love.  However, it is also a great day to stop and tell your employees how sweet they are and how much you appreciate them.  These simple ideas can help you show your team how sweet you and they are together not just on this "Hallmark Holiday," but everyday.  


With the fourth quarter here, now is the perfect time to reflect on the achievements of this year but also to start planning for 2019.  At Burgan Real Estate, we had our first of three annual planning meetings with our key partners to lay the groundwork for next year.  Planning this far ahead helps to provide us with a road-map for the future and to ensure the successes we had this year, like having our best month and quarter in volume in our 41 year history, continues on in the new year.  But like the quote above says, not having a plan will only lead to failure.  So, as you begin to make your plans for 2019, here are the top 4 things that should be on your checklist to make sure you plan for success in the new year.  


The end of the year is the perfect time for a SWOT analysis — a review of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This basic analysis is an honest look at your company and will allow you to determine where your business is in comparison to the strategic plan you established at the beginning of the year and how it can continue in 2019.  This is a helpful tool to help you realign end-of-year action and help future planning so your company can continue to experience success and wins in 2019.  

Leadership And Professional Development

You remember that old TV show, The Weakest Link?  Your company is only as strong as your employees are at their roles within the team.  While most companies plan marketing and promotional elements for the new year, most fail to look at how they can improve their most valuable investment – their employees.  In today's companies, virtual offices and relaxed stances on working from the office breeds a lack of leadership training to develop future leaders within their organization. As you plan for the new year, focus on what leadership and educational development training you will have for your team.  While we have an enormous amount of training as the only company in the Mahoning Valley that is a part of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we also put on continuing education series for our agents and agents from around the area. It helps to increase employee retention and engagement with the team as they plan to lead our company into the new year.

History Will Repeat Itself

As you evaluate 2018, make sure to make note of all the things that worked and didn't work.  History always finds a way of repeating itself so analyze the situations you faced and how you overcame them so you can plan ahead and, possibly, forecast some of them in the new year.  This will enable you to have more confidence and a greater sense of achievement when you look back on the year and use it as a learning experience.

Have Another Cookie…You Earned It

When you lay out your goals and plans for how to achieve them, make sure that you also plan for how you are going to celebrate those accomplishments.  So often, companies are so focused on the goals and tasks at hand, they forget to take a moment to recognize the people and the achievements they made together.  For us, that is our Annual Mystery Bus Ride pilgrimage to…wherever.  Each year in August, we gather all of our agents and their spouses, board a chartered bus and go to a mystery place for dinner, games and celebrations on the accomplishments of the year.  While we look forward to who will be wearing the lampshade on their head, because inevitably it always happens, our team looks forward to the fun and relaxation from a great year made possible with their great efforts.  It is easy to make the goals you want to achieve but it is harder to actually stop and celebrate them when you make them.  Don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back.

As the 2018 trailers farther and farther in our rear-view mirrors, take a moment to start planning of the new year before it has arrived.  Doing this will ensure that you take time to plan for the successes you will be celebrating this time next year, instead of wishing you had done it when you had the chance.  


Burgan Real Estate and YSU Athletics Team Up for Another Year of the $12,000 Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge Sweepstakes for Fans

Burgan Real Estate, the Official Real Estate Partner of YSU Athletics, today launched the second year of a special promotion where the largest, locally independently owned real estate company is going to offer fans at select YSU men's and women's home basketball games the opportunity to have Burgan pay their mortgage for a year.  In cooperation with YSU, the Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge Sweepstakes will take place at halftime of 5 select YSU men's and women's home basketball games this season and will offer a lucky fan at each game the opportunity to win a $12,000 prize by making three different basketball shots in 30 seconds or less.

"As the Official Real Estate Partner of YSU Athletics, last year's Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge garnered national attention as a lucky fan made a half court shot to have their mortgage paid for the entire year.  We hope this year's Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge will add even more excitement and interest to the much anticipated men's and women's Penguin basketball seasons," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner of Burgan Real Estate 

CLICK HERE to enter for a chance to win two (2) tickets to one of the five (5) select YSU men's or women's home basketball home games and participate in the challenge at halftime of that game.  One lucky fan will have 30 seconds to make a layup, three point shot and half court shot. If they make all three, in that order, before the timer expires, they will win $12,000.  Only one entry is permitted per person over the course of the sweepstakes period and multiple entries does not increase the chance of being chosen.  Registration period is open until February 17th, 2019.

Games where the Better with Burgan Mortgage Mania Challenge will take place are:

January 19, 2019 vs. Northern Kentucky (6:00pm) (Men's Basketball Game)

January 26, 2019 vs. Cleveland State (1:00pm) (Women's Basketball Game)

February 2, 2019  vs. Detroit Mercy (1:00pm) (Women's Basketball Game)

February 16, 2019 vs. University Illinois Chicago (6:00pm) (Men's Basketball Game)

March 2, 2019 vs. Cleveland State (6:00pm) (Men's Basketball Game)

"College athletics is about history, tradition and excitement," stated Ron Stroll, YSU's Executive Director of Athletics.  "As YSU continues its partnership with Burgan Real Estate, we look to build on both the tradition and excitement of the various fan experiences Burgan provides to Penguin fans at our events.  We salute Burgan real Estate as an Official Partner and look forward to another exciting season as they continue to partner with us on these great, interactive game experiences."

While the prize is meant to help someone's mortgage payment, you don't have to have a mortgage in order to be eligible to win the $12,000 cash prize. 

"As last year showed us, there aren't too many moments in sports more exciting than watching someone make a half-court shot.  With our partnership with YSU Athletics, we found a way to make this promotion better this year and add more excitement for everyone invovled. We hope this promotion will be nothing but net," said Burgan. 

To be eligible, entrants must be at least 21 years of age or older and reside within 45 miles of Youngstown city limits.  For complete eligibility details and rules on the contest, CLICK HERE.  

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