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Sue Filipovich, Co-Owner of Burgan Real Estate, has been named President of the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley Women United. Filipovich will serve through 2020 and lead the initiative which supports the "Success After 6" programs in Youngstown schools. She is an original steering committee member who was instrumental in working to assist in getting Women United off the ground.

"When our team of passionate women started Women United back in 2015, I had no idea how much of a need there was in our community until we started reaching out and helping one school at a time, one family at a time. Our team's goals were high and yet we accomplished them and are continuing to grow this organization's reach each year. It is an honor to lead this group into the start of a new decade," said Filipovich.
Formed in 2015, Women United is a movement of women who are united creating opportunities for a better life for all with a focus on early education. Their mission is to empower and mobilize caring women to positively impact the lives of women, children and families in the Mahoning Valley.
"Being in a position to help underprivileged students in our community, families who have been faced with a challenging situation and many other opportunities to share our time and our gifts is the goal of Women United," said Filipovich. "This is truly a group of women who have been unselfishly giving of their time, talents and resources. I'm looking forward to another year of growth and helping more families as we continue to grow."
Filipovich, the former 2017 President of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors®, takes over the Women United President role from Myra Vitto and will be joined by Stacy Howlett, Coaches Burger Bar and Howlett Logistics, who will serve as the group's Vice President.
Women United currently support the Success After 6 programs in nine Youngstown schools including Harding Elementary, Kirkmere Elementary, McGuffey Elementary, MLK Elementary, Paul C. Bunn Elementary, Taft Elementary, Volney Rogers Elementary, Williamson Elementary, and Wilson Elementary. They have also brought the Success After 6 Program to students at
Youngstown Community School, Blott-Guy Pk-8 in Liberty, Campbell Elementary, Struthers Elementary, and Girard Elementary.


We all climb mountains every day. Some are more treacherous than others. Some are taller and harder than others. However, the experience from each one we conquer provides us with a confidence and satisfaction to know what we are not only capable of but how we can help others be better as they approach the mountains they may face. For Steve Carter and his 42-years of real estate experience, he found a better way to climb the next set of mountains that will come his way in his career by becoming the newest member to join the Burgan Bunch with Burgan Real Estate.

Steve has been coast to coast throughout his life, education and career. A native of Fairview, New Jersey, Steve achieved his undergraduate degree in Business Law from Cal State University in Fresno, California. Prior to becoming a Broker, he was a General Contractor, which help light his passion to pursue a career in real estate. While he has achieved much in his career, nothing is more rewarding than being a devoted husband to his wife and spending time with their three dogs. His experience is a welcomed addition to help continue to make our entire company better at Burgan Real Estate.

Aside from his wife and dogs, Steve loves walking and hiking through the mountains to unwind. It is a good thing considering the challenges he faces as a Yankees/Knicks/Giants fan living here in Northeast Ohio.

When he is not moving and conquering mountains for his clients, it is not a surprise he likes to do activities that require discovery. He is an avid antique shopper/collector as well as appreciates gardening and hardware for projects he can do himself. After a hard day, there is nothing like a cold Pepsi and piece of pizza…Bruno Bros. New York style of course!

We are charged with climbing mountains every day for our clients and our agents to be better. The addition of Steve and his experience in our industry provides another opportunity to grow and walk the trails together, making sure that the next step brings us one step closer to reaching the top of the summit we all work towards at Burgan Real Estate – making life better. Welcome to the Burgan Bunch, Steve, and looking forward to discovering new trails together!


Patrick Burgan, second generation co-owner and Broker of Burgan Real Estate, will be sworn in on Saturday, January 18th as the 95th President of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of REALTORS® for 2020. Burgan not only follows his father's footsteps, John Burgan, who held the office in 1981, but also becomes the youngest REALTOR® to hold this office at just 33 years of age. He will hold this office for a 1-year term and ceremonies swearing him into office will be held at the Saxon Club (710 S. Meridian Rd., Youngstown, OH), the same location his father was sworn into office 29 years ago.

"It is an honor to be elected to represent the Realtors® and serving the community as the President of YCAR in 2020," said Patrick Burgan. "I am looking forward to the opportunity of having a positive impact on increasing professionalism in our industry, protecting the property rights of homeowners in our area and ensuring that everyone in our area has an equal opportunity to achieve the greatest asset of living the 'American Dream;" owning their own home."

Since taking over full ownership in 2017 of Burgan Real Estate with Sue Filipovich, who served as President of YCAR in 2016, Burgan Real Estate has become the fastest growing real estate brand in the Mahoning Valley, growing the company from $52 Million in home sales in 2017 to over $100 Million in sales during 2019. Under his guidance, Burgan Real Estate has made a commitment in making life, "Better with Burgan," through a relentless approach to growing agents, fulfilling client needs in the home buying and selling process and supporting the community in everything they do as a locally owned and operated business for 43 years. Burgan exemplifies his commitment to a better community in various ways including, serving as a Trustee of the YSU Foundation Penguin Club, a member of Boardman Rotary and, most recently, the creator of a $2,400 grant for entrepreneurial students at Youngstown State University called, "The John Burgan Entrepreneur Award."

Each year, the incoming President of YCAR chooses an organization, which will benefit from all funds raised by the association throughout the year. For his administration, Patrick has chosen all funds be donated to Northeast Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS), an organization, which he also sits on as a Board Member.

"The Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors® is excited to have Patrick step into the office of President this year," said Julie Larson, CEO of YCAR. "John Burgan, his father, has been very involved with the association over the years and has created a legacy that Patrick is joining as one of the Burgan men serving as President of YCAR. We look forward to all he will accomplish this year, including the support and contributions we will be making to the Northeast Ohio Adoption Services this year."


We are always looking for new members to add to our family here at Burgan Real Estate. Many of our newest additions to the Burgan Bunch have recently decided to become a real estate agent. Whatever their reason is for joining us, one thing all of these individuals have in common is the desire to help people. So when Lindsay Newell, who previously was a health care provider here in the area, approached us about joining our team, we knew she would be a perfect fit and we welcomed her with open arms to the Burgan Bunch.

A native of Howland, OH, Lindsay is no stranger to making life better for people in her life. As an endoscopy technician, she realized her passion was making a positive difference in the lives of everyone she encounters, especially her husband, two daughters and son. Her caring nature and understanding of what a young family needs in a home to be better everyday is what truly sold us on making her the latest addition to our Burgan Bunch.

As she prepares for the successes that lie ahead for her as a member of our team, she is ready for the challenges and opportunities this new career has in store for her. Her excitement for her new career takes a back seat to only her excitement for facing each and every day with her family and friends. Whether it is going to concerts, taking her kids to their activities or trying to figure out if she is going to root for the Browns or the Buffalo Bills, Lindsay embraces the opportunity to experience life and joy with those around her. Just make sure she gets enough sleep…

While she is ready to do what it takes to be a successful Burgan Bunch family member, she also likes to take time to unwind. Whether it is a big bowl of ice cream or a good bottle of wine, she finds time to relax when not being a devoted wife, mother and friend. Since cooking is not one of her favorite past times, you're sure to see her frequenting the many delicious restaurants our area offers. So if you see her…be sure to say, "Hello" and smile because she'll be ready to send one right back to you.

As we continue to add new members to our team, we know our culture will help build real estate agents of any experience. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is surrounding our other Burgan Bunch members and clients with people who genuinely care. Lindsay has that quality and we know her desire to help people will lead to nothing but better things in her new career as a REALTOR® with us. Welcome to the team, Lindsay!


Sue Filipovich and Patrick Burgan had lofty goals when they became second-generation owners of Burgan Real Estate in 2018. Embracing their "Better with Burgan" motto, they set out on their own path to grow the 42-year old, locally owned and operated real estate company into more than just a company that helps people buy or sell houses. Since taking control 2 years ago, they have grown a team of trustworthy, transparent and tested REALTORS®, established themselves as leaders in the community who are committed to making a positive difference and implemented a strategy that has almost doubled the company's sales, turning the independent agency into a $100 Million company in 2019.

In 2019, the duo shattered the previous year's record setting sales numbers, logging 752 units sold, totaling over $100 Million in total volume (27% increase YOY). Burgan posted its 12th consecutive quarter of growth dating back to the first quarter of 2017, and successfully outperformed each month versus the prior year. In 2019, the "Better with Burgan" motto continued to be backed by their performance. Their new "Guaranteed Sale Plan," as well as their strategic approach to marketing using Consumer Insights, a data driven model categorizing sellers and buyers into unique segments they can target and approach.

"2019 was a monumental year in the storied history of Burgan Real Estate," said Burgan. "The vision that Sue and I had in creating a culture and a company built on the foundations of integrity, honesty, and transparency was on full display by the number of people who chose us to provide a better way to find their new home. But none of the success we experience is possible without the dedication of our Burgan Bunch agents and valued partners who just as committed as Sue and I are to making the lives of our clients and our community better."

Achieving sales numbers of this magnitude is a by product of the commitment Sue and Patrick have made to proving real estate agents with ways to grow their careers through education and strategic planning. This commitment enabled 19 of their Burgan Bunch agents to sell more than $1 million in annual sales, earning the distinguished President's Sales Club Award for 2019, the most of any real estate company in Youngstown Columbiana Association of REALTORS® (YCAR). This was the second consecutive year Burgan Real Estate led all real estate agencies affiliated with YCAR by having the most REALTORS® earn this recognition. Despite the record setting sales numbers, Sue Filipovich says that this is the greatest achievement of the company in 2019.

"While the volume our company was able to do is an amazing achievement, it is a byproduct of a greater achievement," said Filipovich. "Our agents are the ones who continue to not only be better than they were last year but, as represented by number of our agents who received the 2019 President's Club Award, continue to be the best group of REALTORS® in the area based on their professional accomplishments. To have Burgan Real Estate represented by having the most agents receiving this award for the second consecutive year is one of our proudest achievements of 2019. It is proof our Better with Burgan culture and strategies successfully empower agents to grow their careers, achieve their personal and financial goals, as well as continue to be a positive influence in making the Mahoning Valley as a locally owned company."

Burgan continued to showcase a commitment to the community support for United Way's Day of Caring, Habitat for Humanity, The Purple Cat and other local charities that were supported through their donations of time and over $20,000 of contributions. This includes a special $2,400 grant for YSU entrepreneurial students named in honor of John Burgan, one of the founding members of Burgan Real Estate the father of Patrick.

The company also launched new ventures and offerings, catering to the growing demands of their clients seeking the same approach of a transparent and honest process Burgan provides in other areas of real estate. 2019 saw Burgan Real Estate invest in the creation of Market Title Agency, a local title agency to guide customers through the closing process. Burgan's status as a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® also afforded them the opportunity to continue to support the brave men and women who have and continue to serve our great country with Military on the Move®. This program offers unique and special benefits to active, retired and wounded military personnel, including credits at closing.

"We always know that we have room to grow and are relentless in finding ways to improve. As we start our 43rd year of being better, we know the new decade will bring more challenges and opportunity to make history again. As long as we stay true to our core values and continue to surround ourselves with agents who want to make the lives of their clients better and clients who trust us to deliver on our promise, the vision for what we have for 2020 and beyond will be an exciting chapter to write," said Filipovich.


We've been building this company for over 43 years. As a locally owned and operated company, we know it takes a special individual to be a real estate agent, knowing and doing what it takes to build a career that makes the lives of clients and our community better. A successful REALTOR® must know how to plan an approach, design the process for a client and successfully construct the path to selling or buying a home, which is unique for each and every person he/she will help. This ability is one of the many reasons we are excited to welcome Emily Samsonow as she transitions from her career in architecture to becoming the newest addition of the Burgan Bunch with us at Burgan Real Estate.

A native of Sunbury, OH, Emily earned her undergraduate and Master degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. A self-described, "crafter at heart and maker of all things," Emily built a successful career in Architecture but was hoping to apply her talents and skills to a new venture. Her search for a better life and challenge led her to taking real estate classes and successfully becoming a REALTOR®. From there, she knew any structure needed to be built on a solid foundation and she found that in the culture, success and people who make Burgan Real Estate.

"My education and profession took me to many cities across the country and into Canada, however settling into the Valley feels right," said Samsonow, the Ohio native. "Canfield has always been my second home with much of my family residing across Mahoning County. When I reached out to Burgan Real Estate, seeking a new professional venture, I had an immediate connection with Patrick Burgan the moment I heard the matched enthusiasm (for all things) in his voice.

When she is not building things, you can find her occupying her time with DIY projects (shocking), traveling to different places or curling up with a good non-fiction book and some cheese/crackers or a good cup of coffee. While she is not a fan of scary movies, she hopes that the dog she is looking to adopt will help keep her company and chase off any home invasive creatures that may try to scare her. She finds strength, not in Spinach like Popeye, because she is allergic to it, but in her ability to tackle new challenges and always try to do something.

"The best part of architecture for me has always been helping my clients see their visions come to life and problem-solving behind the scenes for them. Like home-ownership, with these visions come large financial investments and thus high emotions. As a second-time homebuyer, I personally know the value that the right real estate agent can bring to the table and I look forward to giving my clients the same experience. Together, we will be Better with Burgan," said Emily.

As we continue to build upon the 43 year foundation of making life better for our clients and our community, we are excited to welcome Emily to our Burgan Bunch family to see what we are going to build together!

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