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While all of you were enjoying the tricks of the Halloween season, I was counting the treats I
received from all of you in the form of emails asking me questions about selling your home.
Let's get to your questions!

"I just bought my home in January and interest rates have dropped since I financed it. Can I
refinance my home even though it hasn't been a year since I bought it?" - Sarah (Salem, OH)

Happy one year anniversary, Sarah, well, almost! We get this question quite a bit, especially
with interest rates STILL at an all time low. In your case, Sarah, yes, you can refinance. In order
to refinance, you must have at least a 6-month period in between financing applications and
transactions. So get with your local lender or, in your case, call the title company you closed
with a year ago, since they may able to offer a reissue rate and you can save on your closing
costs. It will help put more money in your pocket, especially with the holidays coming up.

Ok, next!

"Is it ok to double dip a chip when at a holiday party?" - Steve (Hubbard, OH)

No. Never. I award you no points, Steve, and I hope we aren't at the same dipping bowl at a
party together. You're better than that, Steve!

Last question if the week. Who's up?

"I'm one of those people that puts Christmas decorations up in November. Does putting holiday
decorations up early, or at all, hurt my chances of selling my home?" - Debbie (Boardman, OH)

You're one of "those people," huh, Debbie? So am I! I love the holiday season and I love
decorating my home for Christmas. You'd think home sales would slow in the 4th quarter with
the holidays, but they don't! And decorations actually help create a vision and experience for
people who come through the house to make it feel even more special. However, don't go
overboard! They're looking to buy your home, not hire some elves and turn it into a workshop for

Only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving, and just a handful more than that until my tenure as
your President is up. Time for me to finish with a bang. Tune in two weeks from to see how we'll
end the year together!

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