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Around this time of year, we always get asked, "Have you ever actually sold a 'haunted house' for or to a client?"  While many people think that a haunted house is something that is an attraction at the Canfield Fair Grounds, schools or buildings throughout the Mahoning Valley, paranormal activity in houses is real and people think haunted houses are a better option.  In a recent survey of 1,067 people in the United States done by, almost 50% of people claim they have lived in a house that was possibly haunted, if not definitely occupied by spirits other than their own.  If you think about it, that's about 40% of the population in the country!  

Now, while Mandie Dillon is no stranger to showing houses that are spooked, as seen in her video above, it is surprising how many people would buy a haunted house in this survey.  Actually, 1/3 of respondents in the study said that they would consider buying a haunted house if it achieved one of the following three results:

  1. A lower price
  2. Had a huge kitchen
  3. Would allow them to move to a better neighborhood…although how much better is the neighborhood if your house is haunted? 

The spookier stat is that 18% of the people surveyed said they would buy a home knowing it was haunted even if it didn't have any added perks!  Really?

While 49% of all respondents wised up and said they would never purchase a haunted home, no matter how low the price or what amenities it came with, it is amazing to see how many people would sacrifice their sanity and share their home with the supernatural to save a buck or two.

We love this report because it shows how far people are willing to go to save money, find the kitchen they want or even move to the desired neighborhood, even if it means a few spooky things happening in their home.  But how willing are people to share with others that their home is haunted?

You might not actually find out if your home is haunted until you buy it.  While 34 percent of people (particularly men and millennials) would introduce prospective buyers to their spooky friends, telling them about the haunted nature of the home, there are still only 27 percent of people who would tell you if you asked and, 22 percent would remain silent, acting like everything is normal.

As Halloween comes this month, haunted houses may be a fun way to spend the evening with friends, but it could be a real possibility in the new home you are looking into.  If things are going bump in the night, it may not be just the wind.  And if you may feel like you are not alone in your house, you actually may not be.  While it may lead to a better neighborhood, price or kitchen, would you be willing to make that purchase if it meant you would have roommates like Slimer or Casper?  Let us know.


Coming off the best quarter and month in the 41-year history of Burgan Real Estate, the company is now adding to its growing list of achievements, this time in the form of a custom menu item at one of the most popular restaurants in Youngstown.  On Thursday, Suzie's Dogs and Drafts, a gourmet hotdog, hamburger and libations restaurant, with locations in Downtown Youngstown and Canfield, will add the "Better With Burgan Dog" to their menu.

"This has been an incredible year for all of us at Burgan Real Estate.  And while awards are great to recognize accomplishments, you know you are doing something right when one of the of the most popular restaurateurs and restaurants in the Mahoning Valley wants to name a menu item after your company," said Patrick Burgan, broker and co-owner of Burgan Real Estate.  "Youngstown has always been a great place for food, but Christian has taken his own creative liberties and developed a group of restaurants that are changing the way we all enjoy some of our favorite dishes. The creation of the Better with Burgan Local Dog is a tribute to our roots here in the Valley for over 40 years and we can't thank him enough for recognizing us as worthy addition to their menus at Suzie's Dogs and Drafts."

The "Better with Burgan Local Dog," the creation of Patrick Burgan, is a 100% all beef hot dog on a New England-style bun, topped with Youngstown Greens, Spaghetti O's and shredded Amish cheddar cheese.  While patrons can construct their hotdogs and hamburgers from any combination of the 60+ toppings on Suzie's menu, the restaurant also offers 15 signature dogs, which now includes the Better with Burgan Dog.  While the restaurant has named signature hot dogs after local personalities, this is the first signature hotdog named after a company. 

"As a local company, we love the fact that our restaurant brings smiles to so many resident's faces who come in to enjoy their own creations or our own.  After seeing the performance of Burgan Real Estate both in the community and this year in their own business helping people sell their homes, we thought they might be able to make our menu better too with the addition of their own signature hotdog," said Christian Reinhart, CEO of Suzie's Dogs and Drafts, Mission Taco and the all new, Rhine Haus Bier Garden, slated to open Downtown this October.  "I really value the way that Patrick and Sue do business and felt that giving Burgan Real Estate their own signature dog on the menu was a great way to show them my appreciation for all they do for our community in the Mahoning Valley." 

Having a local restaurant honor the 41 year old locally owned real estate company by naming a menu item after them is nothing new for Burgan Real Estate.  In July of 2017, Inner Circle in Canfield celebrated the company's 40thanniversary of being the Valley's locally owned and operated real estate agency with the addition of the Burgan Burger to their menu. While it was supposed to be on the menu for a limited time, the burger continues to be available at Inner Circle in Canfield because of its popularity.  Sue Filipovich, co-owner and Broker at Burgan Real Estate, hopes the same is true with the addition of the Burgan Dog.

"We always say that selling your home in the Mahoning Valley is "Better with Burgan," and with the addition of the Better with Burgan Local Dog to Suzie's menu and the continuation of the Burgan Burger at Inner Circle in Canfield, it looks like dining is starting to be too," said Burgan.

The Better with Burgan Local Dog is available at Suzie's Dogs and Drafts for $7.00.  However, to celebrate the launch of the new menu item, customers can enjoy the Better with Burgan Dog for just $4 on Thursday, October 11 at Suzie's locations in Youngstown at 34 N. Phelps Street or their Boardman location at 1393 Boardman-Canfield Rd.  A DJ will be playing live music at the Boardman location starting at 5pm.

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