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In today's world, we have so much information available at our disposal.  Whether it is a quick Google search or posts on social media channels, there is a wide breadth of information to help you understand how to be a better boss, team member of a company or person.  Sometimes, it is best to get together with similar people or businesses to share ideas and collaborate together so that you all are in the best position to succeed.  

In real estate, you can feel like you are on an island.  However, we encourage collaboration at Burgan Real Estate.  While we do work as a team, collaboration is something much different.  Team work implies that a group of people are working together to accomplish a task.  However, when you collaborate with others, you share ideas, principles, concepts and elements to help everyone become better, not necessarily even in achieving the same task. That's one of the many reasons we love being a member of LeadingRE.  As a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, we have the opportunity to collaborate with different real estate companies in the county to find out what is working so that all of us can benefit from it.  While we like to think we are in real estate, we are actually in a relationship business, and those relationships with people in our company, our industry and even our neighborhood or community help us become better.  

Collaboration is key for anyone or business to grow and here are three reasons why it is something you should consider for you or company:

Self Awareness

When you collaborate with people or other businesses, it requires you to take a long, hard look at what you are good at and bring to the table.  When you have to share with others in a collaborative environment,  it challenges you to articulate and discuss what you are great at, and what you can improve upon. That honesty is both humbling and energizing because it forces you to both ask for help while also being able to lift others up with your talents and make them better.  

Two Heads Are Better Than One 

Stop us if you've heard this before.  This saying has been around for over four centuries, and for good reason.  People are more effective at improving and becoming better when they leverage resources, talents, experiences and ideas from others.  Sharing and using those helps you see what is possible and help guide you.  Whether it is a conference, like the one we are at this week in Des Moines, Iowa, or even a book you are reading, connections to other resources can re-energize you with a new-found understanding about what you are possible of achieving and, most importantly, how to achieve it.

Don't Stop Believing…And Learning

Confidence is so key to becoming better each and every day.  Building upon what you have been through and have seen helps build your confidence to achieve more.  However, every experience is a lesson learned.  Collaborating with others helps propel you to become a student in life and your business, supporting you with information to help you grow each and every day.  Every time you attend a conference, work in a group or join a forum online, you enhance the capacity you have to go beyond your comfort zone to turn a small idea into a large opportunity that can make a huge difference for you and your company.  

While collaboration is not always easy, the benefits it has for you in your career and as individual is invaluable. Being able to innovate and discuss with others helps you evaluate your strengths, opportunities to grow and, most importantly, how to be better.


As Hurricane Florance strikes the east coast and we finish tornado season here in Northeast Ohio, we are reminded that Mother Nature can be very cruel sometimes.  Natural disasters can strike at any moment, for real estate agents, the days leading up to and following any event are critical for several reasons.  As you and your clients cope with the aftermath, this is the perfect opporutnity for you to be more than "just a real estate agent" to your clients.  You have an opporunity to not only show your value but to also put your cleints at ease knowing you are handling their property.  To help you through this, here are some tips to guide you through a natural disaster.  

Over Communicate

With any listing, you want to do more than just show a property or be at a closing.  When disasters strike, your presence is that much more important and vital to the process.  Understanding that buidling a solid relationship will help you in any situation, but especially during times of need.  After a storm, be sure to reach out to clients with reassurance and sensitivity.  Tell them about their property, show them pictures, advise them on next steps after the storm and how you will get back to doing what they hired you to do.  Most importantly, be sure to reach out to contacts and remind them why you all chose to live in the communities you love, even during these difficult times.  

Add Value

Get involved, even if it means doing more things than you normally would.  Take a moment to talk to your clients and ask if they are ok, if they need help with cleaning up, items for their home or helping them find temporary housing, if needed.  Drive around and check on properties as well as on people who may not be buying or selling.  This is a time to take off the suit and put on the gloves to clean up and rebuild the community and lives of the people who call your city home.

During a disaster, many are rebuilding their lives and picking up the pieces from the storm.  As a real estate agent, your job is to find them a home to build their memories.  After a disaster strikes, you are even more important to that process.  Be sensitive and do more than just buy or sell homes, help rebuild them and show that your career is more than about a house…it is about being a resource they can depend on whenever they are in need.


Sometimes getting that sale of a home to close is like pulling teeth.  No one understands that better than Burgan Real Estate's newest addition to the Burgan Bunch, Austintown native, Jessica Sawyer.

Jessica has been "flossing" long before it became the latest dance craze for kids.  After graduating from Austintown Fitch High School, Jessica went on to become a surgical dental assistant.  For the past 13 years, Jessica has been with an area dental practice, making the experience patients have better with her presence.  While she enjoys her career in dentistry and plans to keep people of the Mahoning Valley smiling in her position, her thirst to find new challenges in life created a cavity she was looking to fill.  Combine Jessica's strong, independent personality with her passion for helping people, making their experiences better with her expertise and meeting new people, she was a perfect fit to become a real estate agent.  She did her research, got her license and found a perfect alignment with the culture of Burgan Real Estate. 

"I decided to go with Burgan because, of course, everyone raves about them and the way they not only do business, but help make our community better.  After meeting them, I can see why.  Patrick and Sue made me feel at home and definitely felt this was the best fit for my personality and interests," said Jessica.

While Jessica has plenty of interests to keep her occupied when she won't be finding her clients' new homes, her husband, Ryan, of 4 years, and sons, Trey and Tatum, are what keep her smiling every day.  When she's not with, "the boys," at home, she loves traveling as much as possible, even if it is to the park with her dogs, Bentlie and Beamer. Whether she's enjoying the water and warm weather on the beach with some fresh fruit or treats, or enjoying a nice meal that she didn't have to cook, her time is valuable to her, so she takes advantage of it because she is all business when it comes to her career. She just hopes the Cincinnati Bengals share that same philosophy too this year as she cheers them on from the Mahoning Valley.

Well, Jessica, the entire Burgan Bunch have our pearly whites all brushed and ready to shine because we know we are going to be smiling every day with you as a member of the Burgan family.  Welcome to Burgan Real Estate and the start of, what we know, will be something better than you could have ever imagine. 


Change in work and life in inevitable.  It helps you grow and, as we tell our agents and clients, it helps you become better.  However, change is never easy and comfortable.  Whether it is a new job, a child starting a new grade or just a different haircut, it takes you out of your comfort zone. As you prepare to journey outside of your comfort zone, here are 4 ways to embrace change in your life and turn the uncomfortable feelings into ones of excitement.

You Are Not Alone

Whenever we experience change, it never fails, we always run into someone who is happy, contented and life is going their way.  But you are not alone in the change you are going through.  Everyone experiences fears and anxiety when it comes to change but that doesn't stop us from growing.  There are many other people out there going through changes, albeit, not the same as you, but changes nevertheless.  Sometimes knowing that you are not the only one going through changes makes getting through the change easier to deal with on your own end.  

Keep A List

Change happens everyday and it is very difficult to remember all of life's happenings.  If you want to learn how to accept and eventually embrace change, start by listing momentous events in your life, actions you took toward achieving goals and the outcome of those actions. Take a moment to jot down items that helped change your direction and the different route you took.  For example, maybe you took a different way to work one day and noticed a new store to shop in, a new home being built or kids playing outside.  While this isn't a large change, it is significant because it has opened your eyes up to new things and the list will help you remember them.  It will also serve as a reference to see that, regardless of the type of experience, you are changing everyday and shouldn't be afraid.  

Don't Be A Debbie Downer

Feeling sorry for yourself when change is happening is normal.  We get safe and content with normalcy that change is usually associated with something we perceive to be bad or out of the ordinary.  Often time, feeling sorry for yourself will lead you down a negative path that triggers other negative thoughts.  This feeling is counterproductive to the change you are going through which is trying to prevent you from being stagnant and help you grow.  Don't blame yourself about your surroundings and about the change happening.  Stay focused on the great things that you can achieve by experiencing this change which will help you learn more about yourself.  By staying focused, you will actually learn ways to embrace future changes, making other encounters easier and easier to deal with.  

Surround Yourself With Change-Oriented People 

At Burgan Real Estate, we look for a specific kind of real estate agent for our Burgan Bunch.  They not only have a special skill set in our industry, but they are special people as well who possess qualities that help them be a better person while making all of us better to be around.  Some of those traits are having an optimistic approach to life, being open to innovative ideas and experiences, willing to risks because they want to learn from mistakes and be an inspiration for others to meet their own goals. By surrounding yourselves with people like this, you will have a vibrant outlook on whatever life throws at you.  

In life, the only thing constant is change.  To know this and learn how to deal with it is a way for you to grow and become a better person because of it.  While change is uncomfortable, it doesn't have to be a bad thing.  Find the good in it and the opportunity to grow into the person you want to be.  All around you, change is happening.  Embrace it and find ways that every change you encounter is an opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.  

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