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Starting with this weekend, people all over the country will be grilling, swimming and celebrating the end of school, as well as honoring those who gave their lives to protect his country.  Memorial Day is the first of three holidays in which Americans traditionally fly the U.S. flag in honor of our great nation.  But before we Flag Day and the 4th of July come around, Memorial Day is the "official" start to summer and our appreciation for the flag we all salute.  We thought this would be a good time to make sure your holidays are recognizing and honoring our country the proper way, so here are 5 tips for displaying the American flag that you should know.  


Many people choose to go the traditional route and install a flagpole in their yard.  Whether it is out in front with a light on it, surrounded by landscaping, or on the side of the house next to your favorite athletic team or school, when on a flagpole anchored in the ground, the flag should be raised briskly but lowered in a slow fashion.  It is an invaluable representation of our nation and those who fought to protect it.  Unless you do have a spotlight on it during the night, the flag should fly free during the day and taken down at night.  And if you do have multiple flags on one flagpole, the American flag should ALWAYS be the one on top.


If you don't go the monument style approach, a flagpole attached to your house is also an acceptable way to display the old red, white and blue.  When being displayed on a flagpole coming from a house, the stars should be higher than any other part of the flag, placed at the highest point of the flag pole.  If it is hanging horizontally from the house, the stars should ALWAYS be on top.


If you live in an apartment or condo, you might not have the opportunity to hang your flag from a flagpole.  If this is the case, hanging out your window is a perfectly acceptable option.  When displaying the flag from a window, the stars should be positioned on your right side, so that when someone is looking at it, the stars appear on their left.  


One of the most common usages of flags at this time of year is at cemeteries, especially on Memorial Day where we honor those who paid the ultimate price for our country.  If you are displaying flags in a row, the American flag should on the left side of the person looking at the monument, headstone or other elements.  If you happen to have multiple flags, for example, state and local flags, those should be flown at a lower height than the American flag.


From Austintown to Warren and Poland to Canfield, parades will be taking place across our Valley honoring our brave men and women who served our country selfishly and faithfully.  If you happen to be a participant in one of the many parades taking place, you should not only remember to toss out good candy but take notice of how you are displaying the American flag.  While many may hang if from an automobile or carry it with other people when in a parade with other flags, the U.S. flag should be to the first thing a spectator sees so be sure it is on the left side. 

As we officially kick off the summer season, we do so with respect and admiration for the people who died to give us the freedoms we will celebrate this weekend.  It is only fitting to remember them and honor our country properly by displaying the flag they died defending and we continue to celebrate every day.


Market Title Agency, the Mahoning Valley's newest title agency, officially opened its doors for business on May 6th.   An affiliated business of Burgan Real Estate, Market Title, located at 5361 Market Street in Boardman, combines the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity to the title insurance policy process.  The agency is led by Attorney Vince Morgione and Lindsey Burgan.

"The home buying or selling process is one that can be extremely stressful and daunting," said Lindsey Burgan.  "Our goal at Market Title Agency is to put communication and personal attention into each deal, relieving stress for the Buyer or Seller. I am excited to have the opportunity to work for an Agency that truly cares about making each transaction better, as if it were their own home being purchased."

Burgan brings both real estate and financial expertise to the new agency.  A lifelong resident of the Valley and graduate of Mineral Ridge High School and Youngstown State University, for 3 years, she was an award winning REALTOR® with Burgan Real Estate.  Lindsey also served as a Personal Banker with Home Savings Bank assisting individuals in achieving their financial goals, including home ownership, and recommending ways to live more comfortably. 

Many consumers rely on their real estate agent or mortgage lender for a recommendation for a title company. However, consumers have the right to shop for title insurance and to choose their own title agent or company. Many factors go into this decision, including local expertise, service standards and commitment to the community. One of the differentiating aspects of Market Title Agency compared to other title agencies in the Valley is a new system which notifies all parties involved in the title process in real-time of updates through various channels, such as email and text, of accomplished tasks and status changes as it relates to the transfer of the title.  This solution is unique to Market Title Agency and, according to Attorney Vince Morgione, a 30-year experienced professional in the title business, is one of the many aspects differentiating Market Title Agency from others in the area.

"An individual's home is where they will make memories and spend the most time with the people in their life who matter the most.  It is imperative to work with a Title Agency who understands the importance of this investment with their expertise, but have the compassion to make sure you have a place for those memories to happen," said Attorney Vince Morgione. "As a new homeowner, the focus of the experience should be on turning the house they purchased into their home, not worrying about what might be left behind by the previous owner."

Like Burgan, Attorney Morgione is no stranger to the Valley, nor to the residential real estate market.  He too is a lifelong resident of the area, graduating from Ursuline High School and Youngstown State University before earning his law degree from Cleveland State University.  For nearly 30 years, he has been practicing law in the Youngstown area as well as being the owner/operator of Youngstown Land and Title Agency. 

Attorney Morgione and Burgan bring their experience and track record of providing unparalleled service to the residential home title industry here in the Mahoning Valley.

Market Title Agency will hold an official Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, May 10thfrom 4:00pm-6:00pm at their offices at 5361 Market Street in Boardman


The first quarter of this year picked up right where last year left off…on a high note!  And in the Mahoning Valley, that meant great homes and great values for home buyers and sellers.  In the tri-county area of the Mahoning Valley (Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull Counties), volume was up 19.7% versus the previous year, yielding a total of $28,053,646 in sales, which also surpassed 2018 first quarter by 9%.  A total of 268 units accounted for these increases, which is up 17 units from last year as well.  Any way you look at this year's first quarter, it was BETTER! So what was so special about the first quarter of the year?  Why the big increase in sales during real estate's "slow" season? Well, much has been made of the fact that interest rates are lower this year than the market analysts predicted. These lower rates have motivated buyers to not only look for a new house but spend more, as evidenced by Burgan's average sale price of a home is up year over year as well.  Another by-product of interest rates being so favorable is that it helped to rebound the stock market from a difficult end to 2018 and start to 2019.   At Burgan, we enjoyed the best 1st quarter in our company's 42 histories, surpassing last year's period which only held that title for a single year.  Our agents and clients are excited about what the second quarter will bring because all trends in the market are pointing to something even better than we have imagined for the year.   

Source:  MLS neohrexmls.  5/6/2019

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