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Burgan Real Estate, the official Brokerage of YSU Athletics, continues to add to its growing list of agents.  This time, the 45-year-old agency has put their faith and confidence with a man whose faith brought him to this country.  The Burgan Bunch is happy to welcome, Martin Dunham, whose experience and expertise in real estate and life is sure to make an impact with Burgan Real Estate and its clients.   


"This year has been a monumental year for Burgan Real Estate, as we have consistently grown our agent pool and base with talented and motivated individuals who bring eclectic backgrounds and experiences outside of real estate," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and Broker of Burgan Real Estate.  "When the opportunity presented itself to add a veteran salesperson and REALTOR®, like Martin, to our team, it was just as much of an opportunity for us to add such an amazing person to our team as it was for him to continue his real estate career.  This is an exciting addition to our team."


While many agents in the Mahoning Valley are from here, Dunham's path to the area was quite unique.  Born in Tasmania, Dunham came to the states by Lake Ozark in his 20's, attending a school to be a missionary where he planned to be stationed in New Guinea.  His faith not only led him here but also led him to help tribes around the world convert their spoken language into a written form, the first of which was a Bible he recently received from one of his pupils. His faith also helped guide him to his wife of 30 years, who was originally from East Palestine, was the reason he moved to the Mahoning Valley to raise their three children, all of whom are grown and established themselves.  Dunham held several leadership positions in sales before gravitating towards real estate.  Over the last 5 years, he has honed his craft and found that it was time for a change that could offer him a better opportunity to learn, grow and make a difference in the lives of others, something engrained in him from his original intentions that brought him to the country.  Burgan Real Estate was that place for him.


"In my life, I have learned that our faith leads us to many different opportunities that provides us with opportunities we never thought were possible at the moments we need it most," said Dunham.  "When I met with Patrick, I saw that the opportunity with Burgan provided the ability to do more for people with a group of people who have been guided by similar principles that helped make me who I am today by living a life of honesty and integrity.  I am blessed for this opportunity and grateful to have found a new home for my career in real estate."

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