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As part of its growing portfolio of real estate companies aimed at making the process of buying, selling and managing property better, Burgan Real Estate announced the formation and launching of a new entity, Burgan Property Management.  The new company will be focused on helping property owners with the overall management of their facilities, both commercial and residential, in the Mahoning Valley.

"Over the past three years, Burgan Real Estate has grown from just being a residential icon in the Mahoning Valley, to establishing itself as the premier commercial property group with the addition of Burgan Friedkin Commercial Group.  By doing this, we saw that we could make the process of owning and managing commercial and residential properties better with over 45 years of real estate experience in the Mahoning Valley," said Patrick Burgan, second generation co-owner of Burgan Real Estate group.  "The addition of Burgan Property Management allows us to assist our clients with the same transparency, honestly and knowledge by taking care of the properties they own." 

Formed by Burgan and Sue Filipovich, Burgan Property Management is a full-service property management team for both commercial and residential locations.  Services included:

  • Marketing properties for rent/lease
  • Verify zoning code compliance
  • Coordinate property viewings and execute lease agreements
  • Prospect for qualified tenants
  • Process applications and conduct background check
  • 24/7 maintenance with licensed and insured local professionals
  • Rent collection
  • Monthly accounting reports
  • Quarterly property inspections
  • Property analysis and portfolio growth planning
  • Handle evictions

The biggest advantage Burgan Property Management has for its clients comes in the form of embracing new technologies and software to manage properties more efficiently.  Managing a property is more than just leases and repairs.  Burgan Property Management leverages an in-house management system that identifies leasing cycles, maximizes revenue, and improves insight while enhancing customer service.  This new technology and approach to managing properties provides the unparalleled attention to detail people have come accustomed to receiving from the Burgan name since 1977.

"We are constantly looking for a better way to help our clients in the careers we have chosen. By being a trusted name in buying and selling their properties, we have discovered we can continue to deliver the same amount of expertise and trust to our clients by helping manage their investments, making their lives and the lives of those who reside in their properties, better."

For more information, visit Burgan Property Management at

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