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As the Burgan Real Estate continues to build a better Burgan, they continue to do so by finding passionate individuals with a shared belief in the principles the company was founded upon 45 years ago.  Burgan is excited to announce yet another addition to their Burgan Bunch roster, this time by welcoming Nicholas Seifert to their team.

Seifert, a resident of Poland with his wife, daughter, and son, is moving to a new real estate brokerage.  Prior to earning his REALTORS® license and servicing clients in the Mahoning Valley, Seifert has worked in and continues to work in education, where he helps students become better.  His addition to the Burgan Bunch makes the fifth addition of a new member to the Burgan Bunch in the first five weeks of 2022.

"Building a better Burgan has become a mantra of our team in 2022.  From our agents to our clients, they are telling us about people who share similar character traits and morals that our company was founded upon 45 years ago," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and Broker of the 45 year old independent real estate agency.  "We have always admired how Nicholas embraced our way of doing business as a REALTOR® and, finally, we are happy to welcome him to a place that embraces his approach to doing business with integrity, honesty, and transparency."

When he is not selling or buying homes for clients, Seifert is unapologetically an avid Ohio State Buckeye football fan.  From news updates to blogs and vlogs, Seifert is a "nut" for the Buckeyes.  When he's not posing as one of the letters in O-H-I-O, you can find Nicholas out in nature, as he enjoys hunting and gardening.  The peacefulness of being outside and with nature is a solitude of peace that he looks forward to in his spare time.

"As a real estate agent, it is important to educate your clients on the entire process they are about to embark on with you as their guide," said Seifert.  "When I met with Patrick and Sue, they showed me how the responsibility that I value as a teacher is identical to the responsibilities Burgan agents proudly embrace as trusted advisors to making the lives of their clients better."


Burgan Real Estate has been a leader in the real estate industry in the Mahoning Valley for the past 44 years. By maintaining high standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency, Burgan has thrived and grown into one of the area's and region's most successful independent brokerages. As a second generation, locally owned business, Burgan Real Estate takes great pride in supporting the community it proudly calls "home." To see why life is Better with Burgan, visit or connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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