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It wasn't supposed to be two years. It wasn't supposed to be that you and I would share this
time every other Sunday getting to know one another for the last 24 months. But like any
home transaction, there has to be a closing. There has to be an end.

For the last 24 months, you invited me into your home through The Vindicator and entrusted
me to impart on you some wisdom that will help you with your home. Whether it was buying
or selling, improving, moving or just living, this column, that was a part of my responsibilities as
the President of the Youngstown Columbiana Association of REALTORS®, was something that
became very therapeutic for me. Like any perfect relationship, ours wasn't perfect. We've had
laughs. We had some disagreements. We shared stories and even helped each other out
during this time. But we've always came back, right here, for each other.

You see, I got into real estate more than a decade ago to not only follow in my father's
footsteps but because it was a career that provided me a chance to see just how much a home
matters to people. I got into being a real estate agent because I believe that REALTORS®
provide people with the one thing we all want in life – to have something that is ours. To turn a
house into something much more than a place made of wood and nails.

It is a place where you lay your head at night to feel safe, to come back to relax or to retreat,
even during a quarantine. It is a place where you welcome friends, family and others to
celebrate, commemorate, commiserate and contemplate all that is happening in our lives. It is
a place where new lives begin and, in my case, families begin to grow. A house is not a home
without the people who make it so by living in it. We make it our own just as does the next
family who continues to make their own memories once we have decided to move on to
another chapter in our lives.

More importantly, a home is unique to you. It doesn't matter the size, the shape, the location,
the age, the price or the value. Whether you rent or own, lease or finance, what matters is that
you have been blessed to have the opportunity to make it and call it yours.

For the last 2 years, this has been my time with you. But it is time I move on as well. Someone
else will take over this location and make it their own. However, please know that I have
enjoyed my time as President of YCAR, representing all the great male and female REALTORS®
of Youngstown and Columbiana through this column.

I want to thank Julie Larson, the CEO of YCAR®, and The Tribune/The Vindicator newspapers,
especially Marly Reichert, who have been with me every week over the past 2 years with this

These columns have rekindled a fire that has always been inside me for my love of the career I
have chosen. However, this time with you, has reminded me just how lucky I am to do what I
do for the amazing people in the Mahoning Valley that I, and all my fellow YCAR REALTORS®
also proudly call home. For that, I say, "Thank You!" Thank you for inviting me into your home

and thank you for allowing me to make this space in the newspaper more than just words in a
piece of paper for the last two years. It has been my home and I appreciate you sharing it with

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Whatever journey it may bring, may it
always lead you back home.

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