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Let's be honest, with all of us having been in masks for the last year, every day might as well be
Halloween. But Halloween is back and so are the costumes, the treats and the tricks.
Whatever you are deciding to do for Halloween, your home is the one place to make sure there
is nothing but treats awaiting your ghoulish visitors this year.

As my treat to you, I'm going to take a break from the awesome questions that we have been
receiving. You can still email me your real estate questions to, we'll get back
to in two weeks. But until then, open up your bag and allow me to pour in some tricks to make
sure your home is safe for your visitors this Halloween.

Light It Up
While dim and dark areas create a great mood for Halloween, they can also lead to people not
being able to see where they are going. Be sure to replace bulbs that are defective outside and
even install additional, temporary lights to help people as they navigate through your property.
If you are passing out treats, be sure to leave your light on. If you won't be home, make sure
your lights are off to let people know you are a party pooper.

Clear a Path
As trick-or-treaters walk up to your door for their surprise, make sure your walkways, steps,
porch and yards are free from clutter and debris. If you are one of those houses that goes "all
out" on this frightful night, be sure that those decorations are a safe distance from your visitors,
so they don't knock them over or damage them. If you have blowup items or yard decorations,
make sure they are securely fastened into the ground and that all electrical cords are not loose
for people to trip over.

Keep Your Pets Inside
Some of the costumes this year will be quite scary. However, for you pets, ALL costumes are
scary. Pets can be easily frightened, so be sure to keep your little creatures inside the house to
protect them from cars, while protecting your trick-or-treaters from encountering them.

Be Sure Your Home is Secure
While you're giving out treats, there are those who are looking to pull a trick on you by causing
damage to your home or burglarizing your property. Make sure you lock all of your doors,
except the one you will be distributing from, your cars are in the garage with the garage doors
closed and, if you have a security alarm, it is armed and functioning if you decide to leave your
home for the evening.

One more tip, and this is probably the most important one of all: give the kids who come some
treats, for crying out loud. Healthy teeth are very necessary but an apple, pennies or a
toothbrush or toothpaste doesn't make your home a popular place with the kids. There are
healthy alternative snacks that take into account allergies and special circumstances that still
leave your visitors happy and in the Halloween spirit.

Here's to a happy, safe and festive Halloween to all of you!

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