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The questions keep flowing in, which is awesome! Normally, I kick off the articles with a fun,
little paragraph that makes you chuckle or smile, or at least I hope it does, but we've got an In
Box full of questions. Who am I to commandeer this space with my own verbal escapades and
deprive my fans of the answers they are seeking? So without further ado, let's roll!

"Everyone talks about Spring cleaning with your home. What about Fall cleaning? Should I be
doing anything to prepare my house for the upcoming seasons?"
- Tammy K. (Warren, OH)

Yes, Tammy, it is a thing and it is an important thing. As the weather gets cooler, making sure
you home is not only free of leaves, but properly sealing your windows and doors can keep your
heating costs low while being comfortable. While there is a host of chores you can do to Fall
Clean your home, when you are cleaning up your yard and gutters of leaves, be sure to check
your roof for any visible damage or flashing that may be present after the rain we had this year.
You may want to try to squeeze out the last few warm days of the fall, but bringing in your
patio furniture, draining and wrapping your hoses and cleaning off your deck are good things to
do as well. Lastly, be sure to have your chimney and your furnace, vents and ducts cleaned to
prepare for the cold weather that is just on the horizon.

Ok, who's next?

"With all of these houses selling, you agents have to be making a ton of money. You're probably
charging people more money, too, because you keep talking about houses selling for more
money. No wonder you want to sell my home."
- Terrance Q. (Youngstown, OH)

Well, not really a question, Terrance, but I'll take this head on. The truth of the matter is, as
real estate agents, our commission on the sale of a home does not change. When a home is
sold, the commission is only paid to the listing brokerage. The brokerage then shares a portion
of that commission with any cooperating brokerage who was involved in the sale. Then, and
only then, do agents wet their beak. The brokerages involved divide the commissions with their
agents. So, yeah, if the homes are selling for more money, we do get more for the value of
work we are doing. But that also means YOU are getting more money, Terrance. In business
we call that the proverbial "Win-Win" scenario.

One more…

"I am a first time, new homeowner, recently purchasing my over the summer. With election
season coming up, there may be ballot issues about school levies and more taxes. Do these
levies impact the value of my home?"
- Stephanie D. (Trumbull County, OH)

First of all, Stephanie, congratulations on the purchase of your new home! That is awesome!
Levies, and school levies in particular, are difficult decisions. Taxes are a big thing for you now
that you own your home. School levies are important in keeping schools properly funded but it
comes at a cost. I am not telling you how to vote, but as a concerned homeowner, if you ever
want to hedge your bets on the value of a property, voting YES on school, police, fire and
infrastructure levies helps to protect your home value. However, the only real way to protect
your home's value it making sure you keep up on the maintenance of your new home,

If you happen to have more for me, please email them to and you can be
featured here soon.

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