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Some things you are just born with.  There is an inherent drive and appeal inside every one of us to use our talents in a certain career, almost like it was meant to be.  A big influence in that is what we see in our parents and how they go through their careers.  For Jordon Peterson, being a Realtor® is a career that is consistent in his family, which is why joining a family-owned brokerage as the newest real estate agent of Burgan Real Estate was an ideal choice.

A native of New Middletown, Jordon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting.  However, the numbers didn't quite seem to add up for him when it came to finding his career.  He didn't have to look far, though, as he found himself helping his mother and father out in their careers at Realtors®, working deals and doing tasks for them to get their clients closed on the homes they represented.  His assistance with this led him to recently acquire his real estate license and found a home for his Realtor® career with Burgan Real Estate and the Burgan Bunch. 

"Being a real estate agent is a career that many do not realize how demanding it is until they actually start," said Patrick Burgan, co-owner and Broker of Burgan Real Estate.  "To have found a young talent, like Jordon, who not only has the drive to be successful but has seen, firsthand, what it takes to make the lives of our clients better is a welcomed addition to the Burgan Bunch."

While Jordon is committed to the "Better with Burgan" mantra in his new career path, he is also committed to enjoying time away from the grind.  Jordon is active in his time away from work, enjoying outdoor activities like golf, hunting, and fishing.  When the weather doesn't cooperate, his affinity for sports takes him to bowl or simply working out to have a healthier and better lifestyle than he did the day before.  One thing that Jordon is confident in is that this choice to joining Burgan Real Estate will definitely work out.

"I know that this industry is one that is demanding and challenging, but I also have seen through the work of my parents how rewarding it can be," said Peterson.  "To have found a place like Burgan Real Estate, that embraces the family atmosphere that helped guide me to my career as a Realtor® is a better start than I could have ever hoped for in journey as a real estate agent."

We like to keep things all in the family, Jordon, and we are excited to welcome you as the newest addition to ours.  Welcome, to Burgan Real Estate, Jordon!

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